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Rum Zacapa 23 is developed through a process of aging result of the technique "Sistema Solera" in which aged rums and rums with various profiles are assembled, then aged in a succession of barrels. The first barrels were used to keep robust American whiskys, the latter delicate sherry and the latest elegant wines by Pedro Ximenez. The result of this unique assemblage offers a rum of 6 - 23 years!

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    0,7 L Spirits / Guatemala / Rum / 40% vol

    The Gran Reserva Especial, complex, structured and sweet...a must!


    The Gran Reserva is a limited and numbered edition of 6 to 25 year old rums aged 2300 meters high in Bourbon, Xeres and Pedro Ximenes barrels. It has a pleasant freshness with a nose of oak, vanilla, almond paste and rosted nuts. You will be delighted with this legendary, suave and balanced rum. 

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  • A nectar for the most demanding of palates


    Above the clouds of Guatemala, at an altitude of 2300 meters, This rum is made from a unique blend of rums from 6 to 23 years of age and aged in 3 different kinds of barrels. Aromas of honey, caramel, spicy oak and dried fruit mix up nicely in this soft, sweet and sirupy Zacapa 23...Divinely good!!!

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