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Founded in 1920, Château de Lamothe-Vincent is now run by a fourth generation of enthusiasts who are perpetuating the family traditions and love of the land. This new generation is Christophe and Fabien, who, thanks to their perfect complementarity and their respect for the Bordeaux terroir, produce authentic and natural wines that are widely acclaimed by the press. And we... Read more

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Château Lamothe Vincent

FOUR gEnErations OF passion and success

Respect for the Bordeaux terroir perpetuated by family traditions. Discover authentic wines that will make the great classified growths pale in comparison!

Family history

Created in 1920, Château de Lamothe-Vincent has been contributing to the constant quality of its generous wines for four generations. Benefiting from an ever-increasing know-how thanks to the transmission of their ancestors, the Vincent family has now passed the baton to Christophe and Fabien, who have been passionate about wine since their childhood and are strongly committed to this pursuit for quality influenced by a modern approach. While the former expresses his love of the land on a daily basis through a permanent search for the perfect balance between the soil and the plant, the latter explores new ways of vinification and maturing. A formidable complementarity that ensures the respect of the vines and the quality of the wines.

Bordeaux Supérieur AOC, Bordeaux dry white and Bordeaux rosé: A range of wines that expresses all the authenticity of a terroir. The Grand Rossignol is unanimously acclaimed, the 2012 vintage was widely praised by the specialist press, which each year praises the merits of the estate even more.

Château Lamothe Vincent : des vins rouges, blancs et rosés qui expriment toute l'authenticité d'un terroir.

Respect for the terroir

Vins de Bordeaux, un terroir authentique livré par le Château Lamothe Vincent.

On these low hillsides with steep valleys in the Entre-Deux-Mers region, the Vincent family is fully aware of the need to produce healthy grapes to obtain quality wines.

Through a perfect balance between ancient and modern techniques, Château Lamothe-Vincent defends a "lutte raisonnée" aimed at disturbing the balance of the vines as little as possible. This ecological approach is based on good farming sense and allows the soil to come back to life naturally in order to produce authentic wines. Thus, the chemical treatments used to regulate the vine's parasites are replaced by the intrusion of natural predators.

The desire to produce an authentic wine by mixing old and new techniques has enabled the estate to be certified "High Environmental Value" since 2013. This prestigious distinction is the highest level of agro-ecological certification, resulting from the Grenelle Environment Forum. This progressive approach to "return to nature" has earned Château Lamothe-Vincent the quality it is known for and increased recognition from the press and various wine competitions.