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The history of Champagne Thierry Massin begins in 1977 when Thierry and his sister Dominique created this brand, thus perpetuating the know-how of its ancestors, passed down from generation to generation. Today, Thibault and Violaine, their respective children, preserve the family tradition while committing to an environmentally friendly approach. A small producer of... Read more

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The Thierry Massin Champagne House is located in the heart of the Côte des Bar, at the gateway to the Arce valley, in Ville-sur-Arce. Planted on 70% of the vineyard, Pinot Noir is expressed with elegance, richness and flexibility. This variety is associated with Chardonnay (15%), bringing finesse, and Pinot Meunier (8%), giving substance. The remaining 7% of the vineyard is occupied by historic Champagne grape varieties: Arbanne, Pinot Blanc, Petit Meslier and Fromenteau.

Growing on hillsides, on Portlandian and Kimmeridgian soils, the vines bury their roots in terroirs made up of clay and limestone. They take advantage of optimal conditions (slight water stress, for example), thus producing grapes of exceptional maturity that perfectly express the terroir.

The Thierry Massin Champagne House is committed as an Independent Winegrower also known as Grower Champagne. Thus, the team respects the charter associated with the label, resulting in work from A to Z in the development of Champagne. The wines from this family estate are made from grapes produced in the estate's own vines. Harvesting, vinification, ageing and even bottling are all carried out by this Champagne house.


Champagne HVE Haute Valeur Environnementale

In this Champagne house, Thierry, Dominique, Thibault and Violaine aspire to maintain a lasting relationship between human and nature. The adoption of viticultural practices that respect the environment is therefore obvious. The vineyard is managed according to the principles of sustainable viticulture. These winegrowers rely in particular on a thoughtful planting density in order to find a perfect balance between the soil and the plant. This allows the roots to draw the resources they need deep from the soil to produce grapes of exceptional quality.

As part of this sustainable viticulture, the Thierry Massin Champagne House bans the use of herbicides. On the other hand, it advocates working the soil favoring exploration through the roots. To promote the biodiversity of flora and fauna while reducing the risk of erosion, it combines mechanical tillage with grassing.

In addition, the winegrowers put in place a winter cover crop with various mixtures according to needs. The aim of this practice is to combat erosion and improve soil structure. In addition, these covers bring organic matter to the soil and stimulate microbiological life while trapping nitrates. In order to improve the ripening of the grapes and to limit the use of phytosanitary products, the family carries out early leaf removal to aerate the berries, an ancestral technique that can now be mechanised.

Grâce à son respect de l’écosystème dans lequel les vignes sont cultivées et dans lequel le champagne est produit, cette exploitation familiale est aujourd’hui certifiée Haute Valeur Environnementale (HVE).


Respecting the terroir, but above all highlighting it, the Thierry Massin Champagne House relies on plot vinification. In the winery, various practices are put in place to minimize the handling of wines and the use of inputs (gravity pressing, precision settling, temperature control, malolactic fermentation, etc.).

After resting for several months in vats, the wines of the year are blended with the reserve wines. The family pays particular attention and a great deal of precision to carrying out this step in order to maintain a consistent quality of the vintages from one year to the next. During the disgorging phase, dosage tests are carried out for each cuvée in order to find the best balance while making sure to preserve the natural expression of the wine.

In order to maintain control over the quality of Thierry Massin wines, permanent monitoring and regular tastings are carried out. The family estate produces different ranges of Champagnes including:

  • Les Terres de L’Arce (cuvées Contrées, Arpents and Confluence Rosé)
  • Les Épicuriens (cuvées Embl’M, InstantM, Mélodie)
  • Les Éphémères (Vintage 2016, Blanc Vrai – La Chevêtrée, Synapse)