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« Royal Salute » has been created in 1953 for the coronnation of Queen Elisabeth II. For 60 years, every whiskey of Royal Salute range is made following traditional process of Chivas Brothers, in tribute to Monarchy. Have a look the the most prestigious whiskey:  Royal Salute diamond tribute, Royal Salute Stone of destiny, Royal Salute 62 Gun salute and the incredible and very rare Tribute to Honour.

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  • An extreme purity and an exquisite savour. A luxurious whiskey...

    To celebrate Queen's Diamond Jubilee as well as its 60th birthday, Royal Salute Chivas made Diamond Tribute. A unic blend inspired by a diamond perfection, universal symbol of eternity. Elaborated from an exclusive whisky collection, the rarest have been selected at Royal Salute Vault in Strathisla, the oldest distillery still in activity in the Scottish Highlands. It harbours the most scarce and precious barrels of at least 21 years old.

    Design of the bottle of Diamond Tribute, deep dark blue, symbolize 60th anniversary with the prism of a discreet luxury using at the same time very high standard materials. 

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  • Gold and crystal bottle designed by Darlington for a luxuous blend of 40 years old whisky!

    Extremly limited prestigious edition in Royal Salute range, 62 Gun Salute is an exceptional Blended Scotch Whisky made from whikies aged for at least 40 years from Chivas Brothers

    It wad named in honour of Queen Elisabeth II Coronation and the famous 62 rounds fired for the celebration. 

    That's luxury and rarity!

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  • A prestigious edition of the best whiskies aged in barrel for at least 38 years. Very limited quantities!

    Discover this exceptional Blended Scotch Whisky from Chivas. Achievement of blend of the best whiskeys aged at least for 38 long years in oak barrels. Its named honours the Stone of destiny, last used on June the 2nd 1953, for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. The same day was launched the first Royal Salute bottle.

    The porcelain bottle of Stone of Destiny is mouth-blown and hand engraved with an effect of granite stone. The 24-carats gold shield, inspired by the Scottish care of the sword and bravery of Scottish warriors

    Ageing years, know-how and ultra qualitative selection promise an unforgattable tasting!

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