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Created by the Barbieri brothers and launched at the International Fair of Padova, Aperol is the favorite of Italian liqueurs. Spritz cocktail was invented in the 50s, giving a great contribute to the popularity of the brand. Since then, the fame of Aperol has largely exceeded the Italian borders, getting known worldwide.

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    0,7 L Spirits / Italy / Liqueur / 15 % vol

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  • Create your own Spritz Apérol Cocktail with this Aperol twin pack and Prosecco bottle!

    Given its enormous success in Italy, Aperol has now conquered the French terrasses thanks to its cocktail: the Spritz! It is simply THE summer drink. The flashy colors, intense orange aromas and nice bitterness turn your aperitifs in refreshing and friendly moments. Create your own Spritz cocktail in less than 5 minutes.

    • Ice cubes and a slice of orange 
    • 3 doses of Prosecco
    • 2 doses of Aperol
    • 1 dose sparkling water
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